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But is that possible if your post is full of writing mistakes? This infographic lists 18 common errors and explains how you can fix them.Need something else? Contact us to receive a custom quote to have your essay, thesis, dissertation or professional manuscript edited by one of our select premium PhD manuscript editors.This infographic covers some of the most common English prepositions of time.

Inside the back cover (underneath a silver scratch-off label) is a code that grants the purchaser and “continuous access throughout the life of the seventh edition of the MLA Handbook” (MLA xxi).

Do you want to become a more efficient writer? We’ve picked 8 practical tips that will help you to write faster and more efficiently.

Sometimes it can be difficult to identify excessive verbiage and unnecessary words in your own writing. This infographic will help you to identify 20 common clutter words and phrases.

Whenever you’re not sure whether an apostrophe’s required or where it goes, this flowchart will guide you in using apostrophes correctly.

Can you start a sentence with But or And, or end a sentence with a preposition? Is it acceptable to split infinitives, or to write in first person? Uncover all that and more writing myths, in this infographic.

English is a tricky language, and sometimes similar words can trip you up. Let’s take a look at some of the most confusing verb pairs, in this infographic.

Are you making these writing mistakes? Here are 12 common mistakes you should avoid to make edit essays cheap your writing stand out from the crowd.

Know what exactly plagiarism is? In this infographic we’re addressing everything you need to know about plagiarism, along with a set of easy-to-apply, practical tips to avoid future troubles with plagiarism.

It’s time to put a halt on catchall exclamations and broad intensifiers, so ambiguous and overused that they really don’t mean anything anymore. Here are 14 examples of words that you might want to use less.

Here are 18 common English words of Indian origin. Curious which English words were borrowed and derived from Hindi? Then take a look at this infographic.

There’s nothing more boring than reading the same phrases over and over again. Take a look at this infographic to find out how to make your writing more varied and interesting.

Know any English words of German origin? Here are 20 german loan words still used in English today!

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